3 of the Most Imported Goods in the World

Have you ever given any thought to what is being imported around the world? What goods are imported the most across the world? These are the types of questions that might keep you up at night wondering. And the answers are not always what you might expect.

When you look at a list of the most imported goods worldwide, you will see surprising items such as human and animal blood listed relatively high up. Whereas goods one would think should be high up on the list, like medical equipment, listed much lower.

What Are the Top Three Imported Goods

Let’s take a look at the three most imported items across the world.

  • Cars

It was odd to me that cars remain at the top of the importers’ list. One would have thought that with the increase in technology worldwide that more countries would start producing cars locally. I expected this one in the rankings, perhaps somewhere just above the middle, but definitely on top. However, when you consider what people are willing to pay for certain imported sports cars, such as Pagani, which is only produced in Italy and where you’re looking at $2.6mil per car. It can explain why this remains one of the top imports.

  • Refined Petroleum

Petrol, gas, whichever you decide to call it. This one makes complete sense. Petrol is what keeps most vehicles, machinery and industrial equipment running. Without refined petroleum, many industries would not be able to function. And a lot of motorists would not be able to go back and forth without petrol.

  • Integrated Circuits

Another good that I was not expecting to find so high up in the rankings. But then again, this is a critical component in technological fields. These advanced microchips are used in simple and complex technology applications. Computers, servers, mainframes and many more are all dependent on these integrated circuits. Industries such as online casinos are just one of the many industries dependent on these chips. To learn more about online casinos, head on to India Casinos.

Were You Surprised?

As you can see, these are the top three imports across the world. Some were expected, and some were not. Did any of these goods on the list surprise you? Make sure to let us know which one surprised you?